Beyond Creates the Perfect Formula for Chrysanthemums

It’s all chemistry

written by: Beyond Chrysant | 12-02-2021

Beyond Creates the Perfect Formula for Chrysanthemums

In the Beyond Chrysant greenhouses, you’ll meet a mixture of ages, types, people, and cultures. Like in every family, everyone has his or her own task in running the household. A household that started back in 1938 and is still going strong. It’s all in the family!


Beyond Creates the Perfect Formula for Chrysanthemums


The chemistry of family growing

Since 1938 Beyond has been working on the development of firm varieties of Chrysanthemums. Therefore, growing is a congenital love for the profession. It is finding and creating the perfect chemistry between multiple elements. Namely, the perfect chrysant only comes about by combining carefully weighed elements and continuing to develop those elements. Today, Beyond is growing breeder Deliflor‘s chrysanthemum varieties the white Baltica, and Baltica Yellow.


Beyond Creates the Perfect Formula for Chrysanthemums


All the Elements at Their Disposal

Artisanal and by means of innovative techniques; Beyond has all the elements for the perfect formula at its disposal: the best people, a perfect growing process, firm varieties, a top location, and optimal transport. At Beyond Chrysant they call it ‘Genius Growing’.


Beyond Creates the Perfect Formula for Chrysanthemums


Genius Growing

Beyond makes its own sprigs and potting soil. That way they are certain that their plants get the best nutrition to become bigger and to have a long vase life. That’s why they guarantee 5 out of 5 perfect stems.


Beyond Creates the Perfect Formula for Chrysanthemums


Strong Roots

Owners Wouter and Martijn Duijvesteijn use varieties you can depend on: “That’s why we only work with the Baltica, and Baltica Yellow.” The first 12 days of their lives they grow up in special conditions, whereby they get that little bit of extra attention they need.



Perfect Location

The greenhouse sits on fertile clay soil in Hoek van Holland, Netherlands, near the port of Rotterdam and various international airports. Because of this, they make the supply chain from the greenhouse to the end-user as efficient as possible.



Great People

People with a passion for the job work in the Beyond greenhouses. Every day they perform manual quality checks from leaf to bud and from foil to transport box. They do this 22 million times. It is safe to say that they have a heart for chrysanthemums.


Beyond Creates the Perfect Formula for Chrysanthemums


Smart Transport

Beyond Chrysant transports its flowers in smaller units, and cooled. By immediately re-cooling them after the harvest, they briefly stop growing and get less damaged during the transport. After the transport, they only need a bit of water to blossom again.


Beyond Creates the Perfect Formula for Chrysanthemums


Lovely Clients

Beyond works with the greatest florists. They are the reason they want to exceed expectations every day: “We inspire each other to get even more out of the chrysanthemums. So we won’t forget what gorgeous flowers they are.”

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