Beautiful California grown Cloni Ranunculus

New blooms budding at KB Farms

written by: kitayamabrothers | 06-02-2020

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KB Farms is excited to begin offering Cloni Italian Ranunculus grown right in their greenhouses! For 2020 their supply of Ranunculus is limited, as they are just getting started with their production and are gauging how they will help fill the market need for beautiful California grown Cloni Ranunculus for a larger portion of the year. If you need Ranunculus, make sure you give us KB farms a call right away before they run out.



KB Farms is particularly excited about this new offering because their greenhouses allow them to bring Ranunculus to their customers earlier in the year as compared to outdoor grown varieties. Outdoor Ranunculus grow best after an extended cold period, because of this they typically see Ranunculus flood the market in March, April, and May. Beautiful California grown in their greenhouses allows them to start harvesting much earlier in the year beginning in January with yields finding their stride in February and March and ending around Mothers Day.




In addition to being more available throughout the year, their coastal greenhouse growing produces much bigger and fuller heads on each stem. Just like large head Roses, large head ranunculus a luxury that not all growers and growing methods are able to achieve. KB farms are bringing the premier tier of Cloni Ranunculus to their greenhouses. The semi-controlled environment of their coastal greenhouses helps them to produce larger than average blooms making it a must-have in your arrangements.




Start talking to KB farms now so that they can ensure they have what you need in 2021. If you have specific Ranunculus production needs for next year they can even talk about a special production run just for you. Talk to them!

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