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written by: Thursd. | 07-04-2021

Decofresh Florist Rose Paradise on Thursd. - Header

Ever heard of Decofresh Roses? You probably did, and otherwise, you must have received roses from growers that have gone through the hands of someone at Decofresh. Millions of roses are being handled in the Netherlands, and are then send to exporters and wholesalers around the world. To find their place at the flower tables in flower shops, and floral designs everywhere around the globe.

Decofresh Roses

Decofresh is an agency that works with a couple of large growers in Kenya. Combined offering more than 200 varieties. Common varieties as Marie-Clair, Mariyo, Penny Lane, and Adalonia. But also specialties like Cappuccino, and Gravity. Decofresh Roses has started promoting the roses on Facebook, showing the roses they offer, categorized into a couple of groups. They even started a Facebook group called ‘Florist Rose Paradise’, where when you are a member, you are the first to have insider info to introductions and specialties. Make sure to start following Decofresh on Facebook.


Decofresh varieties collage2 - Florist rose paradise - TOTF2020 on thursd



The first category is called Exclusive(s). These are roses that are special and exclusive. Varieties that come in smaller quantities and are quicker to sell out.

Rose Cappuccino

What do you think of “Cappuccino”. Isn’t she pretty? An amazingly trendy rose right now.
It’s one of the more exclusive varieties of which Decofresh has many.


Decofresh Exclusives - Cappuccino - Rose on Thursd


To enable florists to shine in their flower shop Decofresh likes also to share this rose “Gravity”. A peachy blushing beauty.


Decofresh Exclusives - Gravity - Rose on Thursd


Your Everyday Hero

This is the second category. Roses to always have on your flower display?

Decofresh has many hero’s for everyday use, now Adolania gets a moment of fame. On Thursd before, you can read Alina Neacsa’s blog about Adalonia here: ‘A rose Like that Little Black Dress’.


Wedding bouquet with Rose Adalonia - Article by Alina Neacsa- on Thursd Featured
Alina Neacsa with a bouquet of Adalonia roses


A blog about Adalonia is a rose you always want to have, like your basic little black dress in your wardrobe. Adalonia is a United Selections rose.


Decofresh Evearyday hero - Adalonia - Rose on Thursd


As you probably know Decofresh has many hero’s, one of them for sure is Penny Lane.
This yellow beauty from Jan Spek Roses is the perfect match for yellow designs. A rose to always have on your flower display? We think so!


Decofresh Everyday hero - Penny Lane - Rose on Thursd


From Decofresh’ Secret Garden

A third category is one in which Decofresh promotes the launch of new and promising varieties. An upcoming rose right now is the Country Spirit Blues of breeder Tantau. Decofresh often launches new and promising varieties to add to the global rose paradise, so stay tuned!


Decofresh Country Spirit Blues
Country Spirit Blues


Another upcoming rose is rose Zest® of breeder Interplant Roses.


Decofresh Secret Garden - Zest- Rose on Thursd


The third upcoming rose is rose Imagine of breeder Dümmen Orange.


Decofresh Secret Garden - Imagine - Rose on Thursd


In High Demand

A fourth category is one with roses that are trending and in high demand. Right now rose Mabella is such a rose. A natural beauty with a sophisticated and elegant look.


Decofresh High demand - Mabella - Rose on Thursd


Venturoso is also a rose that is in high demand. This is a Dümmen Orange rose.


Rose Venturoso - Decofresh roses on Thursd
Rose Venturoso


Decofresh High demand - Free Spirit - Rose on Thursd


And of course, rose Free Spirit of breeder Rosen Tantau with her fresh orange color with a pink blush on the edges of the petals, is in high demand these weeks.


Florist Rose Paradise

Join the club! – Talk about a high level of engagement!

www.facebook.com/groups/floristroseparadise/ is a group used by Decofresh to create a space where the international florist community of rose lovers can ask questions, post unique rose pics, and share the passion and love of using roses. As a member of the Florist Rose Paradise Facebook group, you will be informed as first of all novelties and (exclusive) upcoming varieties of Decofresh Roses.


Decofresh Florist Rose Paradise
Decofresh Florist Rose Paradise https://www.facebook.com/groups/floristroseparadise

Photo credits header image: Sören van Laer

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