Get a Crush Under These Magical Hydrangea Umbrellas

These hydrangea benches from Tim Beyens make you fall in love at the Flowers With Taste event in the Belgian town of Koksijde.

written by: Thursd | 04-10-2021

A Crush Under These Magical Hydrangea Umbrellas - Article on Thursd

Koksijde (Belgium) town hall was the unique backdrop for the fourth floral edition of Koket Koksijde from Friday 24 to Monday 27 September 2021. Belgian and international florist teams brought masterful floral decorations with a wink to the culinary in our seaside resort under the name Flowers With Taste. Tim Beyens made a welcoming design with hydrangeas from HydrangeaWorld as magical umbrellas, unique benches to sit and fall in love.



Hydrangea Umbrellas

Tim Beyens uses flowers to bring life. He started his studies as a florist at the horticultural school in Kortrijk, Belgium. During his education, he had the unique opportunity to do an internship for two years with Daniël Ost, the most famous Belgian flower artist, where everything revolves around the beauty of the floral, the art of flower binding, and authentic craftsmanship. When he was asked to create these benches for Koket Koksijde, he immediately wanted to bring the magic with classic hydrangeas from HydrangeaWorld.


A Crush Under These Magical Hydrangea Umbrellas - Article on Thursd (1)
Tim Beyens creating his hydrangea artwork


Hotel School Ter Duinen as Inspiration

The common thread of the prestigious flower festival Koket Koksijde – Flowers With Taste was inspired by the proximity and the anniversary year of the Koksijdse Hotel School Ter Duinen and Horeca Koksijde. With the initiator Ides Leys and floral artist Jo Pattyn in mind, the theme of Koket Koksijde presented a floral ode that appealed to the imagination. It allowed visitors to enjoy the most beautiful and special flowers, plants, arrangements, and special indoor and outdoor creations. Not only floral art and green interior spaces but also fragrant herbs, hydrangea, and the Belgian chrysanthemum as an autumn flower were in the spotlight.




Tim Beyens: “After my studies, in 2003, I immediately started working for Florist Kurt Vercamer in Kortrijk, where I not only got to know the profession but also found a friend and master for life. In 2018 it was time to stand on my own two feet and I started as an independent freelance florist. My creations are pure and I am always looking for a nice swing in floral designs.”



Koket Koksijde: Flowers With Taste

Koksijde’s mayor Marc Vanden Bussche: “We are very pleased that Local Board Koksijde collaborated with Floraliën Gent for this renewed fourth edition of Koket Koksijde. Thanks to their years of experience, knowledge, name, and fame, we were once again able to offer a top floral experience in and around the town hall of Koksijde.”



Trail In and Around the Town Hall and Enjoy These Magnificent Hydrangea Umbrellas

The expo started in the town hall where the entrance was decorated by the students of the horticultural school PTI in Kortrijk. The trail then led the visitors to the second floor where the team Haruko Noda (Japan) decorated the Kokpit with delicate shapes. On the walk-through, the sisters Julie and Sarah Vanneste showed a floral impression of a floral table.

From the ground floor, we enjoyed cascading flowers by Olivier Petillion and Tim Beyens, and the masterpieces by Stefan van Berlo, Tania Huyghe, and a Romanian designer team led by Mircea Gheta. In a corona-safe way, the public is led down through the decorated and floral decorated tables of Geert Pattyn and team including Carl Depuydt, Benoit Vandendriesche, Leen Roelens, and Werner Crolet.

In addition to the interior decoration, an outdoor garden of 1,000m² was constructed on the Theaterplein in front of the town hall. In addition to floral installations, the garden mainly focused on Belgian chrysanthemums and herbs. The objective of this renewed edition was the realization of a nicely decorated meeting place between different generations and the creation of good group dynamics. That was a huge success! Goal achieved.


A Crush Under These Magical Hydrangea Umbrellas - Article on Thursd (9)


The Video

Watch the full 6-minute film about the event Koket Koksijde 2021:


Get more inspiration from classic hydrangeas at HydrangeaWorld.

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